At insitro, we are building a different kind of drug company to bring better drugs faster to the patients who can benefit most. Through the power of machine learning (ML) and data at scale, we decode the complexities of biology to unlock transformative new medicines.

Discover Our Purpose

A Pipeline for Patient Benefit, by Design


Robust Machine Learning Platform, Fueled by Data

insitro’s ML-driven platform integrates in vitro cellular data produced in our labs with human clinical data to help redefine disease. Engineered to accelerate the development of new medicines, our platform precisely identifies therapeutic insights and interventions across a wide spectrum of diseases.


“We set out to create
a unique culture that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds in a single team.”

Daphne Koller
CEO & Founder

A Team Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

We’ve built a unique culture where life scientists, data scientists, engineers, and drug hunters work together to identify the most important questions, design and scale experiments, build models, and analyze the results. Our differences enhance our strengths, and our collective expertise comes together to generate scientific breakthroughs.