Better Medicine

in the Epoch of

Machine Learning

For patients in need, every day counts. We are in a pivotal moment where innovations in biology, technology, and data science offer new hope. insitro is collecting and aggregating massive data sets, and harnessing advanced machine learning to accelerate drug discovery and development.

We are decoding human biology with machine learning, charting a better path to new transformative medicines.

You Have to Do Things Differently to Get a Different Result

There has never been a greater need for innovation in drug discovery & development. Many diseases still have limited treatment or no treatment at all, while the success rate of therapeutic R&D remains abysmally low. And while our understanding of human biology continues to grow, so does our recognition of its complexity and just how much we still don’t know. A dramatically different approach is needed – one enabled by data-driven predictions to advance high conviction insights and purposefully design treatments patients need.

The insitro Story

Machine learning is hugely transforming the world around us, but life sciences have benefited only in limited ways. Two critical gaps have underlied the slow adoption: data and people. We have built insitro to try and address both.

Key to the deployment of powerful ML is the availability of large, high-quality, multi-modal datasets. Transformative new technologies, both in the lab and in the clinic, are enabling, for the first time, the creation and aggregation of disease-relevant, multi-modal data at unprecedented fidelity and scale. Equally important is to create a culture that fosters cross-disciplinary innovation, where people can bridge the chasm between life science and data science and identify not only new solutions, but the right problems.

Our group of talented, passionate insitrocytes work together to create the right data resources and develop the machine learning tools to interpret and interrogate them. By bringing together rich data and powerful methods, we can unravel the complexity of disease biology and derive causal insights that empower and accelerate our search for transformative medicines.

Our CEO Daphne Koller founded insitro in 2018 to harness these developments on behalf of the many patients in need.

Learn more about our founding story from Daphne’s blog post.

insitro Mission

To bring better drugs faster to the patients who can benefit most, through machine learning and data at scale.

insitro Vision

The future of medicine driven by the convergence of human biology and machine learning.

insitro Values

Be Bold.
Get **it Done.
Own the Outcome.
Create Together.
Engage with Respect.

insitro’s World-class Team Makes the Impossible Possible

Achieving our bold mission requires a diverse team across disciplines (scientists, engineers, and more!), experiences, and expertise.


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