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The insitro platform powers the discovery of new medicines for a range of therapeutic areas. We focus on diseases where machine learning can make a transformative difference, by interrogating rich sources of clinical data or where we can construct tractable but high-content cell models for discovery and validation. Most critically, we prioritize our efforts toward diseases with significant unmet needs, maximizing our potential impact on patient health.

“We prosecute disease insights from our platform with best-fit therapeutic modalities including in-house ML-enabled small molecule design and modality partners for biologics and oligos, with clinical development empowered by ML biomarkers for patient selection.”

Philip Tagari
Chief Scientific Officer


We have ongoing work in a number of genetically defined neurodevelopmental conditions, including epilepsies/seizure disorders, and in neurodegenerative conditions, including ALS.

Genetic Epilepsies

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insitro’s work to discover effective therapies for treating cancer focuses on solid tumors, using ML-enabled analysis of histopathology images to derive novel insights into the biology of the tumor microenvironment and identify patient segments and disease modifying interventions.

Solid Tumors

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insitro is engaged in advanced research to address metabolic pathologies, specifically focusing on metabolic-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD) and obesity, in conjunction with their correlated disorders.


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