Angela Oliveira Pisco

Director, Computational Biology


Vale do Pereiro, Evora, PT


B.Sc. and M.Sc. in biomedical engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal; Ph.D. in systems biology, University of Manchester, UK

Previous Experience:

Before moving to insitro, I led the data science platform at CZ Biohub. There, I made significant contributions for the whole organism cell atlas projects including the first whole mouse cell atlas (Tabula Muris), the first aging cell atlas (Tabula Muris Senis) and Tabula Sapiens, one of the first human cell atlas drafts (The Tabula Sapiens Consortium, Science 2022). I am also a founder and core member of Open Problems in Single Cell (, a community effort to improve multimodal data analysis by both generating gold standard datasets and benchmarking metrics and infrastructure.

Responsibilities at insitro:

I’m the head of computational biology at insitro. I am passionate about extracting meaningful information from biomedical datasets and using that to improve disease understanding and drug development.

Other insitrocytes Describe Me As:

Biased to action, Full of energy, Collaborative