Dave Lloyd

VP, Metabolic Disease


Shropshire, UK


Ph.D. with focus on familial partial lipodystrophy, University of Leicester. Completed postdoctoral studies at the Genomics Institute of Novartis Research Foundation focused on a forward genetic approach to finding genes associated with metabolic disease.

Previous Experience:

Prior to joining insitro, I led a team focused on advancing a small molecule agonist of GLP-1R (CT-996) toward Investigational New Drug status at Carmot Therapeutics, and worked in drug discovery for 15 years at Amgen. At Amgen, I validated numerous genes and therapeutic molecules in diabetes, dyslipidemia, CVD, heart failure and obesity. My work contributed significantly to the development of the FGF21 therapeutic candidate, now in Phase III as AKR001, and GIPR antagonists in combination with GLP-1R agonists, currently in Phase II as AMG133.

Responsibilities at insitro:

I lead a team that applies machine learning to high-dimensional datasets to generate deeper insights into metabolic diseases for the advancement of high-conviction therapeutic candidates.

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