Tom Soare

Principal Data Scientist

Newburyport, MA


Ph.D. in psychology with a focus on population genetics, University of Washington

Previous Experience:

Prior to joining insitro, I was a statistical geneticist and computational biologist at Goldfinch Bio, conducting genetic association studies in large-scale sequencing cohorts of rare kidney diseases, analyzing scRNAseq data of human organoids and tissues, and analyzing microscopy data for cellular assays. Before that, I examined the effect of early-life adversity on psychopathology and DNA methylation, and conducted genetic association studies of depression and cortical thickness at the Center for Genomic Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Responsibilities at insitro:

I focus on methods, data, and software to turn high-dimensional phenotypic and genetic data into therapeutic hypotheses.

Other insitrocytes Describe Me As:

Thoughtful, Even-keeled, Highly-collaborative, Hyphen-loving